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Painting is the life of the home improvement, this is where details really matter and with our professional team we always take the extra step and put quality in first place.


Everything starts from the ground up and your flooring is one of the keys to make your home impressive, our team will be in and out fast without loosing quality.

Tile works

Tile could change your home from nice to stunning, our team go from simple backsplashes to whole bathroom remodels.

Cabinetry and more

Kitchens are the heart of our homes and working with our team can do the whole kitchen remodel with only one team doing all so one less headache for our clients.
We offer full remodeling services, please check our other services and let us know your needs.

“Evolution construction group has been doing our complete rehabs for over 10 years in about 200 houses and we still love working with them, they are very responsible and efficient.”

Edward Thornburg jr

Real Estate Investor


Evolution Construction Group is a full service remodeling company.

Our clients choose us for their projects because of our expertise and experience on this area of the construction, we have done more than 200 full remodeling projects from houses falling apart to beautiful dream homes, we also offer 3d rendering for our clients to visualize what they are paying for.


We offer free consultations and estimates for any of your remodeling concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions.